A Place to Call Blog

Hey there, I'm Fr. Chris Decker. I've been a priest since May 26, 2007 – The day of my ordination which is also the feast of the joyful priest and reformer of Roman clergy in his own time, St. Philip Neri

Over the years, I've had blogs on several different domains and in many different formats. I'm one of the folks behind The Catholic Underground (a web apostolate since around 2001) and I figured this it might be a time to plant a proverbial flag once more.

If you're coming here because you've followed the link on CU, then wow, you don't get out much do you?  But, welcome all the same!

I hope you'll find my occasional musing helpful. It's my hope to present the Catholic Faith as revealed through Holy Mother the Church. I can't promise that there won't be some supposition, opinion, and conjecture (I'm always learning!) but I hope to tell the truth with charity.

At any rate, there's no telling how long this one post will just sit here. In the mean time, hope for an update. That usually works eventually on the internet.